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Thank you to all who use and endorse DrumClip!

Published on Jul 15, 2014

Abafadores Drum Clip distribuídos no Brasil pela SONANT


Published on Mar 30, 2014

This is a DrumClip demo done on a Gretsch 12x5 Side Snare. The demo shows 3 different situations - an open snare without muffling, muffling using an Evans Min-EMAD and finally the DrumClip. The DrumClip is a non-messy, super easy muffling or resonance control system that will do wonders to your drum tone. Super durable too at that.


Roger Friend NAMM 2014

Excellent!!!!! The Best

I have been playing drums for over 40 years mostly in rock bands and I have tried every tone control device on the market and this one " The Drum Clip" is the best by a mile. You've tried the rest now try the BEST, Comes with two types of stick on material for the surface that touches the drum. Does not choke the drum, the drum heads still breathes and moves and easily snaps on or off....simply the best !!!! case closed

R. Myron - Cranston, RI

I ordered this DrumClip to replace the old moon gel I used on my 16 floor tom. I am pleased with the DrumClip, it gives it the right dampening effect I wanted. The DrumClip is solid and holds in place firmly. Easy to put on and remove. I approve of this product and recommend it to any drummer.

J. Villalobos - USA

I own a studio and have been drumming for over 30 years. I have used Moongel for many years but this new product is awesome! It works great, all you have to do like other dampers out there is find the spot on a drum that's causing the ringing and clip on. I have several just so I can leave on snares and have for when I sit in on other kits on jam nights.

Musicians Performance Studios – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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